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Name: Francis Kanyi Kiarie
Title/Qualifications: Mr.
Department/Unit/Section:  Management Science
Contact Address: 16778-80100 Mombasa
Position: Director of Campus
Area of Specialization: Non-Parametric Statistical Modelling
Research Interests: Epidemiological Statistical Modelling

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Community and Consultancy Services

  • Baseline Survey and Marketing Assessment on Community Waste based Enterprise in Mombasa Municipality (CTDF/Destiny Africa )
  • Employment Satisfaction Survey for Mombasa Head office (Siginon Freight Limited)
  • Business Planning for effective SMEs Management (Barclays Bank of Kenya )
  • Business Process Re-Engineering: Applications to SMEs (Barclays Bank of Kenya)
  • Feasibility study on Establishment of Science Based University Campus in the Coastal Region of Kenya (Thika Technical Institute)

Conference Presentations

  • Estimation of Critical Streamflow Discharge Level with Application to River Nyando Data

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