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Name:Mr. David W. Ngigi
Title/Qualifications: Bachelor of Commerce, MBA, PhD ongoing ( Strategic Management)
Department/Unit/Section: Business Administration
Contact Address: P.O. Box 70349 00400
Position: Tutorial Fellow
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Area of Specialization:

  • Marketing and Strategic Management

Research Interests

  • Top Management Performance, E-Commerce

Conference Attended and Presentations

  • David W Ngigi,Environmental Impact Assessment,Nairobi/ Kenya,2011
  • 2013, Teaching Methodologies at Kenyatta University
  • 2013,Case Study Approach to Teaching at Kenyatta University
  • Strategic Management workshop in Ghana.

National and International awards and Recognitions

  • Africa Online Ltd,Team Leader of The Year,2004

Consultancy and community service

  • Kariaini Secondary School,2009-to Date,School Board Member

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