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mr reuben

Position: Lecturer.
Position :Online Communications Manager.
Title/Qualifications: :PhD,MBA-Marketing(Morgan State University), Bcom-Marketing
Department: Business Administration
Contact Address: P.O. Box 21656 , 00100 Nairobi
Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Area of Specialization
Marketing, Management, Mergers and Acquisition, Consumer Behavior, Branding .

Research Interests
Branding, Consumer Behavior and Market research

Brand equity Influence on Consumer choice

Reuben K.N., Muathe S. M., and Francis P.K., 2014, The Moderating Effect of Industrial Context on The relationship between Brand Equity and Consumer Choice in Branded Bottled Water Nairobi, Kenya.  European Scientific Journal vol 10, No.4 ISSN: 1857-7881/1857-7431

Workshops Attended

Case Writing


2015The 1st Annual Conference of Co-operative Business at The Co-operative University of Kenya - "Entreprenureship and Technology for Sustainable Social - Economic Development "

Consultancy and Community Service

  • 2011-Present,StanGroup, Service Project Advisory
  • 2010-Present,Turtle Capital Management,Financial Analyst

Affiliation to Professional Bodies
Marketing Society of Kenya


  • Ndeh P. Abimnwi,D53F/CTY/PT/22609/2012, Retail store environment and buying behavior of customers:A case of selected supermarkets in Nairobi Kenya.
  • Nicodemus Katana Nzioki,D53/OL/22127/2011,Antecedents of the adoption and usage of card services in kenya:a Study of commercial banks in Mwala Sub-County.
  • Chirchir Naomi Chebet,D53/CTY/PT/0869/2012,The impact of service delivery on customer satisfaction on mobile networks in Nairobi County Kenya.
  • Kibugi Paul J.M.,Influnce of Marketing Mix Decisions on the growth of Savings and Credit Cooperatives in Nairobi County, Kenya.
  • Simon Gachie Munuhe,D53/OL/25036/2011,Corporate Strategy Implementation in Construction Industry in Kenya:A case of H young & Co. East Africa LTD; in Nairobi Kenya,Complete, graduated in July 2014.
  • John Gitau Kagumu,D53/CE/26487/2011,Organizational factors influencing strategy implementation in the Anglican church of Kenya:the case of Kirinyaga diocese, Kenya

Awards & Honors

OLX SOMA awards for best use of Social Media (learning Institution Category)   2014
Extra Mile Award Performance - employee of the year, Kenyatta University   2014
Exemplary Performance Award, Kenyatta University.   2012

Administrative Responsibilities

University Strategy and Innovation committee board member   2013- present
University Marketing and Branding Member   2013-present
University Conferences Board member   2011-present
Teaching Research Referral Hospital Board Member   2014 -present
University ICT Board Member   2013-present
University Ranking Committee Member   2011-present
Intel Evaluation Project   2015
Rebranding School of Business   2014
DSVOL Campaign Committee   2014
Vice Chancellors Innovation and Strategy Committee   2013
Biomedical Engineering Summer School Committee   2013


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