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Title/Qualifications: : PhD Candidate (Kenyatta University) MBA-Finance(University of Nairobi) ,B. Ed-Accounting and Mathematics(University of Nairobi), Certified Public Accountant-CPA(K).

Position: Tutorial Fellow
Department: Accounting and finance
Contact Address: P.O. Box 4949 Nairobi 00100
Tel: 8710901/8711622 Ext 3542

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Area of Specialization

1. Finance
2. Accounting

Research Interests
1. Financial Markets

2. Stock Market

Conference Presentations and Workshops
1.AAU –EASRN TOT workshop on HIV mainstreaming and integration into curriculum,Kenya,2012

2.Charity W.Njoka,Auditing in Banking Sector,Nairobi/ Kenya,2009


1. Charity W. Njoka,2004,Interest Rate Regulation

2.Market   Microstructure  and stock market efficiency of listed firms in Nairobi Securities Exchange , Kenya

Membership to Professional Bodies



1. Auditing in Banking Sector

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