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Entry Requirements 

To qualify for admission to this programme, candidates must meet any of the following minimum requirements: 
i. A holder of KCSE C- (minus) or its equivalent OR ii. A holder of KCE Division III or its equivalent

Programme Structure and Duration 
The programme duration will be one (1) Academic Year. The learner will be expected to take a 
total of twelve (12) units that is, six (6) units per semester.

  1. Examination 
    Kenyatta University examination regulations shall apply. The final written examinations will constitute 70% of the total marks while the continuous assessment tests (CATS) and assignments will constitute 30%. Pass mark for all units shall be 40%. In order to qualify for the award of the Certificate, the candidate must pass all the 12 units.

Unit Codes and Titles 
BAC 010: Basic Financial Accounting 
BBA 010: Essentials of Management 
BMS 010: Project Communications 
BMS 011: Essentials of Business Information Systems 
BMS 012: Introduction to Business Statistics 
BMS 013: Fundamentals of Project Management 
BBA 011: Business Ethics 
BAC 011: Fundamentals of Project Cost Management 
BBA 012: Fundamentals of Human Resource Management 
BMS 014: Fundamentals of Monitoring and Evaluation 
BMS 015: Fundamentals of Project Scheduling 
BMS 016: Introduction to Project Procurement Management

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