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Master of Business Administration (MBA)


(a) The common regulations for master degree in the  University shall apply.
(b) The general regulations for all Master degree in the School of Business
(c) The following shall be eligible for registration for the MBA degree in the School of Business:
i. A holder of bachelor’s degree with at least uppers second class honors. or
ii. A holder of at least an upper second class honors degree of any other recognized university. Or
iii. A holder of a lower second class degree from a recognized university with proven ability in research, administration management. Or at least two (2) years working experience.

2. Pattern of the program
(a) The program of study for the MBA degree consists of coursework, examination and project.
(b) The program is offered in six (6) modes of study, full-time, part-time, Evening and Weekend Classes, Institution Based Programmes and Open, Distance Learning.
(c) At the end of the programme a student will be required to have specialized in any of the following:
i. Marketing Management
ii. Strategic Management
iii. Human Resource Management
iv. Entrepreneurship Management
v. Management Information Systems
vi. Project Management
vii. Finance

(d) In the first year of study, a student will be required to take all the 10 core units offered in the school.
(e) During his/her second year of study, a student will be required to take six (6) taught units in the first semester and write a research project equivalent to four (4) units in the second semester.

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 Total  Fees

Tuituion Fees : 368,150.00
Statutory Fees: 29,150.00
Total Fees : 397,300.00


First year
Semester 1
BBA 500: Management Functions
BBA 502: Human Resource Management
BBA 504: Marketing Management
BAC 500: Financial Accounting
BMS 500: Quantitative techniques

Semester 2

BBA 501: Managerial Economics
BBA 503: Strategic Management
BAC 501: Management Accounting
BAC 502: Financial Management
BMS 501: Management Information Systems

Second year

Semester 1

(1) Strategic Management/ Specialization

SCU 600 Research Methods
BBA 610 Global Strategic Management (new)
BBA 611 Strategic Management Seminar (new)
BBA 616 Total Quality Management
BBA 618 Management of Strategic Change
BBA 609 Business Strategic Behavior and Leadership

(2) Marketing Specialization

SCU 600 Research Methods
BBA 602 Strategic Marketing Management
BBA 625 Marketing Management Seminar (new)
BBA 601 Marketing Communication Strategies
BBA 613 Global Marketing
BBA 600 Marketing Research

(3) Human Resource Management (Specialization)

SCU 600 Research Methods
BBA 604 Employee Reward & Compensation
BBA 605 Employee, Jobs and Organizations planning
BBA 615 Industrial Relations and Law
BBA 618 Management of Strategic Change
BBA 603 Human Resources and Employment and Development

(4) Finance Specialization

SCU 600 Research Methods
BAC 601 International Finance
BAC 602 Finance Seminar (new)
BAC 604 Entrepreneurial Finance
BAC 605 Corporate Finance
BAC 600 Financial Analysis

(5) Project Management Specialization

SCU 600 Research Methods
BMS 605 Project Financing and Resources Scheduling
BMS 606 Project Monitoring and Evaluation
BMS 607 Project Management Tools and Techniques
BMS 603 Independent Study
BMS 604 Project Planning and Organization

(6) Entrepreneurship

SCU 600 Research Methods
BBA 607 Economics of entrepreneurship
BBA 608 Entrepreneurial Environments
BBA 618 Management of Strategic Change
BBA 615 Industrial Relations and Law
BBA 606 Entrepreneurship and Small Business

(7) Management Information Systems (MIS) (new)

BMS 608 Data Base Management
BMS 609 Data Communications and Networking
BMS 610 System Analyses and Design

Semester II
SCU 601 Research Project (4 units)

Note: Students in MIS to choose two units from any area of specializations

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