Regulations for the Degree of Bachelor of Commerce Under 8.4.4 Programme

1. Admission Requirements
1.1. A candidate shall be admitted to the degree of Bachelor of Commerce upon satisfying the minimum entrance requirement of the University.
1.2. Candidates must also satisfy departmental requirements before registering for courses in any department.
1.3. A candidate taking a degree course within the School of Business is required to take a combination of subjects approved by the School. Such a combination may be modified only after obtaining the consent of the Director and Chairmen of relevant Departments, and only within the first four weeks of the semester.

2. Duration
The Bachelor of Commerce undergraduate programme shall extend over a period of four (4) academic years.

3. Courses
3.1 (a). Courses are taught in units. A unit is defined as the equivalent of 35 one hour lectures. For this purpose, two (2) hours of tutorials or three (3) hours of practical are equivalent to 1 hour lecture.
(b) Other assigned study or practical experience may also be approved by the School Board of equivalent hours.
A student in the School of Business may choose courses from the following departments:
(i). Accounting and Finance
(ii). Business Administration
(iii). Management Sciences

(c) Enrollment for units outside School of Business is possible provided it is approved by the Director of the
School in consultation with the relevant chairmen of Departments.
(a) In the First Year of study, a student shall be required to take a minimum of
fourteen (14) units distributed as follows:
(i) Four (4) University units i.e. UCU 100: Communication Skills, UCU101: Development Studies/UCU 104: Introduction to Entrepreneurship Management, UCU 103: Critical Thinking and UCU 102: Introduction to Computer Studies
(ii) Ten (10) departmental units chosen from the departments within the School , such that the student takes an approved combination of units from each department.
(b) An approved combination of subjects after the first year of study shall have a minimum of Twelve (12) units.
3.2 (a) In all the years of study, permission to take a specific unit shall be subject to a
student meeting the departmental requirements.
(b) Subject to the approval of the Department concerned, a student may be permitted to take one audit unit per subject per year. Such a unit will not be examined and may be a service unit, offered by any department.
(c) Level one students should take seven (7) units each semester, while in all the other years, students will normally be required to take a minimum of four (4) units in each semester.

3.3. At the beginning of level three of study, students shall be required to choose a study option from the list
of academic options offered in the School of Business, namely:

(a) Department of Accounting and finance:
(i) Accounting and
(ii) Finance

(b) Department of Business Administration:
(i) Human Resource Management
(ii) Marketing

(c) Department of Management Sciences:
(i) Management Science
(ii) Actuarial Science